I have always loved nankatai’s as a child their lovely buttery, sugary,  soft, crumbly delicious texture. News flash I am still a child where it matters the most (my stomach). This Christmas, my first Christmas as a married woman I decided to re visit my favourite Indian cookie – the Nankatai’s or Nankhatai’s as they are otherwise known.


6-7 tbsp melted ghee

½  cup powdered sugar

1 cup all purpose flour (to which 1 tsp baking powder is added)

½ tsp cinnamon powder


Mix together ghee, sugar and cinnamon powder. Add to it the all purpose flour and make a smooth dough. Roll it into small balls and lightly flatten it. Preheat the oven to

180 C and lightly grease the baking tray (you can also use a cookie sheet). Place the nankatai’s on the tray leaving a 1 inch gap between them at least as these cookies will “grow” while being baked. Bake for 12 – 15 minutes. I suggest you keep an eye on them after the 10th minute as they tend to burn easily. Cool it and store in an air tight container 🙂

Presenting the Indian Cookie


P.S. the middle one is thanks to my cookie cutter … why … just like that 🙂


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