Tomato Rice

This is again a quick rice recipe. A traditional Tamilian recipe with my twist to it. This is for a special gal who specially asked for it. Yamini this one is for you. This is, as I have already mentioned a quick recipe and is ready in practically no time. So here it is tomato rice for my lovely gal Yamini and my readers.


Ghee/oil – 1 tblsp (you can use less) + 1 tsp

Garam Masala – 1 tsp

Onion – 1 (sliced)

Mint leaves – ½ bunch

Ginger – garlic paste – 2 tsp

Tomato – 2 medium sized (chopped)

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Chilly powder – 1 tsp

Rice – 1 cup (washed and cleaned)

Hot Water – 2 cups

Salt – as needed



Heat your cooking medium in a pressure cooker ass the garam masala powder. Add the onions and mint leaves (During times of emergency you can halve this quantity and add an equal amount of corr leaves). And sauté it very well until the onions turn pink and translucent and the leaves are wilted and slightly wrinkled. Add the essence of Indian cuisine ginger – galic paste (you may either add the paste or do what I do freshly grated ginger and garlic there is a great deal of diference in the taste trust me) and sauté until the raw smell goes. Add the star of the show – the tomato and sauté it until it goes soft (say 2 minutes). Add the turmeric powder and the chilly powder (this rice is very mild you may increase the spice level according to your preference). Add the rice, water, salt, and the 1 tsp oil set apart. Mix well and cook for 2 whistles and your fragrant and tasty and simple tomato rice is ready. You can serve this with raita and papad.




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