Beef Biriyani

I love beef. I eat it anyway I get it Roasted, Fried, as cutlets, curry, etc etc but as Biriyani it is a recent discovery for me. I love Biriyani’s my husband doesn’t as despite popular taste my husband doesn’t like ghee godddddddddddd doesn’t like ghee how can anybody not like it its smell its taste ………  okay am digressing. To come back to the point I decided to make Biriyani without ghee and Lulu was having fresh beef from India I just could not say no. So despite my misgivings of how it will taste I made Beef Biriyani without ghee … in olive oil… it was nice (as if there was any doubt). So here it goes simple but surely tasty beef Biriyani from one foodie to many others.

Fresh from the oven


Beef – 1 kg

Basmati Rice – 1 kg (soak and fry rice in 1 tblsp oil till dry )

Onion – 5 sliced

Tomato – 3 sliced

Ginger – 1” piece

Garlic – 3-4 cloves

Green Chillies – 10 -12

Cashew– 1 handful soaked in hot water (my hands are pretty small so to put a number to it I would say 8 – 10)

Coriander leaves and Mint leaves – ½ bunch each (chopped)

Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp

Masala Powder – 3 + 1 tblsp

Curd – 1 cup

Salt – To taste

Olive oil/ ghee – as needed

Milk – ¼ cup

Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp

For the Masala

Cinnamon – 1 big stick
Cardamom – 3
Cloves – 4
Nutmeg – quarter
Fennel seed – half tsp
Cumin seed – half tsp
Shahjeera – half tsp
Mace – 3

Dry roast the above ingredients and grind them to a fine powder. Store it in an airtight container.

(Recipe from here)

Slightly mixed


Marinate beef in curd, turmeric powder, salt, and biriyani Masala. Pressure cook the beef without adding much water as the beef will let out water while cooking.

Grind ginger, garlic and green chillies to a paste consistency. Grind cashew with a little water to a paste.

Cook rice in salted water with 1 bay leaf.

Heat oil in a deep pan and fry onions and tomatoes sauté it. Add the paste along with the chopped leaves. Add the biriyani Masala and cooked beef.

When the beef is ready take a deep pan and layer the beef and the rice in alternate layers. Make a mixture of the milk and turmeric powder and pour over the rice.

Place the pan in the oven cover it with a lid or aluminium foil and bake it at 200 C for 10 minutes.

Lovely flavourful Beef Biriyani is ready. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ready to eat

P.S of course you can use chicken or mutton or even vegetables instead of beef. Just skip the pressure cooker and cook it along with the Masala on a stove top.



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