Fish Fry (Nadan Style)

It is common fact that Mallus and Bongs love their fish but I don’t. Yes I eat fish but it figures nowhere on my list of favourite food … unless of course its fried fish then I love itttttt. So here is the recipe for mallu style fish fry. When I buy fish steaks I marinate and fry them altogether and keep in the fridge as and when I want it I take it out and heat it and eat it. As good as freshly fried fish. All you busy bees can do that as well.


Fish pieces – 4-5

Ginger & garlic paste – 3 tsp

Kashmiri chilly powder –1 tblsp (or according to taste)

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Whole pepper – ½  tsp

Lime juice – ½ tsp

Salt – To taste

Coconut oil – to shallow fry

Wash the fish with salt and lime juice and turmeric. Marinate fish with rest of the ingredients except coconut oil. Keep the marinated fish for about half an hour (at least 10 minutes if in a hurry). Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the fish pieces.

Variation – For a variation you can slice shallots and tear up a few curry leaves and marinate it with the fish and fry it along with the fish. Additionally you can add 1 tsp (or even less) of saunf powder Simple tasty mallu style fish fry for your gastronomic pleasure. Enjoyyyyyyyy


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