Fruit Cake / Christmas Cake

It was my long time desire to bake a fruit cake or plum cake as it is commonly known in India. Somehow for me it always seemed to be a difficult task and no one wants to experiment unsuccessfully on a cake that is so labour intensive, so I never really made fruit cake. Last Christmas I decided to shed my doubts and go ahead and bake the cake. After much thinking and pondering I chose a recipe from one of the top baking sites that I refer to needless to say I almost had a blackened cake.  It was tasty but the oven timing was way off  😦

However, when in school I was in the Guides where the motto was – Be prepared. I was prepared that it might not come well so I divided my fruits into two batches. The first batch was baked for Christmas, and the rest soaked for Easter.

It is the Easter batch I want to talk to you about. It was lovely. I obviously didn’t want to use the same recipe as christmas so I went recipe hunting again and decided on the recipe of one of my favourite foodie bloggers Maria. The cake was excellent and vanished in no time at all. But for the beloved readers of my blog, I chori – chori, chupke chupke (umm that means secretly) took a couple of pics in my kitchen just before I served the cake. It was a success and I want to share this success with you too.

Christmas Cake

I followed the recipe almost verbatim so suffice to say you can take the recipe from here.

Come September I will soak my fruits again to enjoy this beautiful cake and I hope my dear readers you will soak it with me too 🙂

Till we meet again hasta la vista, baby 🙂


11 thoughts on “Fruit Cake / Christmas Cake

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  2. Looks delicious Anisha! Did u feed ur cake? I’m guessing u didn’t. the recipe didn’t say that either.guess what?! just like u mentioned i want to try making this cake just because it’s hard. i had looked into a lot of recipes n the feeding part is very confusing to me. how long is the cake supposed to be fed? any suggestions? thanks!

    • Hey Archana,
      Thnx girl. I did feed the cake. I baked it two weeks before Christmas and kept feeding it with the reserved alcohol (got after draining the cake). It was quite heady if I may say so myself ;). Do try it Archana, its really not so difficult.

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