Mango milk shake

This is probably a post that doesnt require a recipe. Nor does it need an introduction. Who among us has not enjoyed mango milk shakes by the barrels as children. Summer to me meant three things, Vacations, Kerala trips, and loads and loads of mangoes. Rightly called the king of fruits, this voluptuous beauty has made its way into hearts old and young ( I know voluptuous beauty and king cannot be used together but the mango deserves it).

Mango milk shake

So here it is the first drink on anishathefoodie, the ever so tasty, ever so easy mango milk shake. To make it you require

Mango pulp – 1 cup

Cold Milk – 1 cup

Sugar – as per your taste requirments

Ice cubes – as little or as many as you want

Blend the mango pulp, milk and sugar together. Serve with ice cubes.


Optional: You can decorate the top with anything from cherries, chopped nuts, to Martini umbrellas 🙂



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