Drumstick – mango curry

I am going to make post a sambar I made for lunch. What is the big deal in sambar you ask??? Why should you bookmark a sambar recipe and then make it? Is it posting for the sake of posting??? I think not. This is no ordinary sambar. This is my mummy in law specialty. Truth to be told I have never tasted this in my life. My husband happened to mention this incredible dish with so much longing in his voice how could I not make it for him so off I went searching the blogsphere in search of this curry and I landed here. Though technically speaking this is not called sambar it truly reminds me of sambar, a coconut based sambar if you will.

Drumstick mango curry

It is an easy recipe and will surely be a variation from the normal sambar we make, try it. You will find you like it. My husband liked it and so did I why would you be any different J

And for a change instead of sending it to Aipi of US Masala this recipe goes to Priya of Mharo Rajasthan.

Till we meet again hasta la vista  baby

This is going to Kerala Kitchen posted by Magpies Recipes


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