Vegetable Omlete

Long time no see you guys thinking. I agree it’s been a long time over a month and I was least bothered to check my mails. The reason … I am at home … Home sweetest home. The sweetest thing to come home and be pampered, or as I keep telling my friends, I am taking a break from pampering to being pampered. My sister Monisha is a wonderful cook and I have been enjoying my pre marriage days, eating, sleeping, and roaming the streets of Chennai. It was bliss. Of course it goes without saying I am missing my husband like crazy, but all the same this break was a God send.

One of my friend who semi frequently visits my blog asked me how long should she stare at a picture of my beef roast (she is a vegetarian – the woman knows not what she misses), but I did get the message I have been ignoring my blog for a long time and that is unpardonable. So here it is I haven’t cooked anything worth posting while in Chennai so I am just going to post a recipe from my drafts.

To get out of my sabbatical I would love to show you an omelet – the mother of all omelets. Practically a Spanish omelet but not really Spanish, but from the site of one of my favorite food bloggers – Maria from Marias Menu.  It is filling in itself a perfect break fast material; it is also perfect with some toast.  And like Maria this is usually our Friday morning brunch after church. So toasting Maria for her wonderful recipes, here is The Vegetable omelet. The recipe can be found here. What are you waiting for people check out Marias fabulous omelet and try it out. If you love eggs you WILL love this.

P.S – As a flavor enhancer I sometimes sprinkle 1/2 tsp of pasta seasoning. Totally optional of course. It is yummy even without it. Oh and I skip the cheese too.

Vegetable Omete

Till we meet again


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