A bet and a Spicy pasta recipe

Fiery hot Pasta

All I seem to do now is blog in time for Tuesday Bookmarked event conducted by Aipi and Priya. What to do having so much fun out here at home I hardly come online, except to check my FB updates of course. Addicted aren’t we to our respective modes of social networking. Being a home maker is so much easier with FB and my friends to chat with.

I was just discussing this very thing with my friend, who is strangely enough not into social networking. We got into a discussion about social networking and he said I was addicted. Fair enough I am addicted, but hearing it from somebody else didn’t go down smooth and I screamed foul. After a long and lengthy discussion I told him that I am not addicted to anything no matter the circumstance as long as I have food, water, shelter, and clothing I can survive. As much as I love the comforts of modern life I can exist without them.

To test my resolve he suggested a bet. The rules are simple. For 1 month from the date I am back in Qatar I will not use any mode of social networking or even (gasp) Gmail. It was a difficult decision as I am someone who spends almost the entire day chatting with my friends and time, I am sure will not pass without it but I strengthened my resolve  after all it’s a matter of pride and said Ill do it. What the hell its one month so its really no big deal (oh God who am I trying to convince here).
I will continue blogging but no chatting, no calling friends and talking on the phone. The exception being my family (thank God for small favors). So what do you think ladies will I make it, one month is really not all that long after all?

Coming to the recipe today , it is an easy and super tasty pasta recipe that I got from DK’s Chef inYou. Its Penne All’arabiata. Penne pasta with a hot tomato sauce, it is hot, spicy, and ultra glamorous. It can be made with minimum ingredients in no time at all. What are you waiting for ladies try it out. I do nothing but recommend the best there is for my readers. The best in mine and the best from others.

Here is the pasta recipe. I have made slight changes as always. I added pasta seasonings and added a capsicum I had lying around the fridge and as always I skipped the cheese. The recipe is a winner the way it is in DK’s site. DO try it out ladies I promise you going to love it.

This goes to Priya and Aipi’s event Bookmarked event.

Bookmarked Recipes

Till we meet again cheers


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