Duck Piralan

As a food lover I am always looking for new things to make. Coming to Qatar I have been exposed to different vegetables and I have sucessfully Indianised it :-). However, as I am sure most of you must have realized that I am a non veg lover as much as making new vegetables gives me a high I am looking for new tastes and flavors.

During one of my weekend sauntering in Lulu I saw a frozen duck. Duck is something new to me. As a child I remember eating it in Kerala, but I remembered it as a rather bony and not so spectacular dish, but then the aunty who made it is not a good cook. But all of a sudden I was filled with the desire to cook duck. However a whole range of whatifs assaulted me and I decided to leave it alone.

This time when I was in Chennai for my holidays I saw a store that sold frozen duck, with a ready to eat audience I decided there is no time like now to try out this delicacy. A quick google search brouth to Priya Soshy’s website where I saw this recipe for Duck Roast. I was hooked. So here it is Naadan Tharavu Piralan.

Tharavu roast

I didnt change anything about the recipe, except instead of whole meat masala I used Eastern Meat Masala.

Duck Piralan

We loved it. It was easy to make and tasty. My mom even went to the extent of saying it tasted better than chicken, while I don’t agree with that here is a simple tasty dish to present a variation from the regular chicken. I hope you will try it guys. This one is a keeper


2 thoughts on “Duck Piralan

  1. hi anisha.. first time her. was attracted to your duck recipe. it does look delicious. i want to try cook duck too one fine day 🙂
    glad i blog walk to your site.. hi, i am Wan, from malaysia, do visit my blog , would love to read a comment from you too. have a nice day

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