Whiskey laced pasta with mushrooms

I love pasta and it is made almost as frequently as chapathi in my house, O.K that was an exaggeration nothing gets cooked as much as chapathi at my home, but you get the picture. Pasta is easy, versatile, quick and there are a 100 different ways you can make it talk about variety phew :). And above all other reasons the greatest reason is that Binish loves this. There are very few things culinaryily (ok ok that is my own word so what) speaking where my husband and I share the same taste. So if the husband loves it and I love it and its easy who the hell will stop me from making it regularly.

Pasta with Whiskey and Musrooms

Before I go on to the recipe a small word of caution this pasta is not for everyone. It has alcohol in it. There I said it. Its true ladies I do enjoy the taste of alcohol once in a while, and when I “happened” to see this recipe here (Happened to see it my foot more like after searching and finding it) I just knew I had to try it. It didn’t disappoint me. Not a bit. It was smooth, creamy, with a hint of heat. The slightest heat, almost unnoticeable, but it is there.

I did of course make some changes. Slight changes, but changes nevertheless. I skipped the chicken as I didn’t have any. I used good ol’ Button mushrooms instead of Porcini. I used water instead of chicken stock as I was not carrying that either 😦 .Didnt bother about peas and tomato as I was dreadfully late in making this already. I didn’t even add olives. Shame shame Anisha. But this recipe is forgiving. Despite all this it still tasted great. It would look better of course if I had added all those colours but laziness got the better of me.  All that said I must confess I loved it and so did Binish. I suggest you try this for a romantic evening with the one who makes your heart beat faster.

Smooth, creamy, and absolutely delicious

You can find the recipe here.

Bon Appétit my dearies.


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