Paneer Butter Masala

I love those three words. It reminds me of all the times I have gone out to North Indian restaurants and dunked my mint naan into this rich, creamy and absolutely delicious curry. I love paneer (who doesn’t), I love cream (duh again), I love tomatoes (whats not to love) and Paneer Butter Masala or PBM as I call it has all three, so like I asked before, What’s not to love girl.

Paneer Butter Masala

This PBM tastes exactly like what you get in restaurants and even if it is a little rich it is okay. It is afterall a once in a while indulgence right. I got the recipe from the website of the beautiful Nags. The recipe is here.

P.S. Mine is a little redder as I was reluctant to use so much cream. Still this is seriously yummy stuff.


photo (1)


photo (2)

Oh BTW this is for my gal Yamini who for the longesst time has been asking me to post some paneer dish on the blog. Babe this one is for you.

Till we meet again Alvida

Hey its Tuesday and this Paneer Butter Masala is Bookmarked. So over to Priya’s.


8 thoughts on “Paneer Butter Masala

  1. Hey thx girlie for the posting my fav dish…… thk u……..

    Btw am not able to chk out reciepe as tat website is blocked in my office…..

    can you pls send me the reciepe to my gmail……..

    i know you are a lazy bum and you will take ages to send it……. but still i will wait for it………

    thx again……..

  2. Well Next on my wish list is

    “Corn Methi Malai” – hope you post this reciepe soon…….

    thx in advance……

    Also y don you post Chicken Biriyani Reciepe ??
    will u??

  3. Whats with you and Malai my husband not very fond of cream and your mother is an expert in Biriyani still you want my recipe. Darling I am flattered.

    BTW Mutton Biriyani recipe coming up later this week on my blog. Chicken will send it soon

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