Kerala Style Chammanthi Podi

For the longest time  have been wanting to post this recipe, can you believe this recipe was made almost a year ago, during my last vacation to India to be precise … but because of the number of photos it had I never really took the effort. Then two things happened to make me change my mind the first one is Nags from the Edible Garden suggested making chammanthi podi I decided this I have to do. The second reason is that my internet connection got upgraded to fiber, hence my internet is quite fast hence easier to upload photos.  My mother in law made it in a large quantity for it to last a year for us … she used 10 coconuts, but don’t worry you can make this in small quantities too. …. So without futher ado, presenting my first step by step picture recipe … chammanthi podi

To make this you require

Grated coconut – 1 full
Red chilly – 20 nos

Curry leaves – 4 – 5 sprigs
Shallots  – 8 – 10

Pepper powder – according to your spice tolerance
ginger  – a small piece
Tamarind – lemon size
Salt to taste

The ingredients

The ingredients


Heat a wide and thick bottomed pan. Add all the ingredients except the tamarind and dry roast till brown. It is a pain staking process, as you cannot leave the pan and move for even a minute. This is best tried some jobless afternoon when you have nothing to distract you. Keep stirring continuously, till it becomes uniformly brown.

The ingredients  before frying

The ingredients before frying


The ingredients after frying

Keep it in the side to cool.

Powder it and store it in a clean and dry bottle. It lasts long really long

Beautiful chammanti podi

Beautiful chammanti podi

Simple isn’t it … okay maybe not so simple, but infinitely tasty.

it is great with rice and moru kachiyathu, or just hot rice and ghee. It is also a great side dish for biryani.

Points to remember

It is advisable to use slightly old (dry) coconut. I usually buy an extra bag of coconut and keep it in my freezer for a week and make the chammanthi posi the next week. This is to make sure that when we roast the coconut it does not let out oil.

I once tried to make chammanthi podi with fresh coconut (in my ignorance). The more I fried, the more oil it kept letting out, I lost patience and decided to grind it … disaster sighhh.

In case for some reason you decide you want to make chammanthi podi with fresh coconut there are a couple of things you can so here goes …

Before you fry the coconut extract the milk from the coconut. You can store the milk in the fridge and use as required.

If you have forgotten to extract milk and like me if you have coconut floating in its own oil, remove it after it is fully roasted (or fried), cool it and spread it on newspapers or kitchen tissue. Cover it with another paper and leave it overnight. The paper absorbs the oil, making the grinding easier.

There did that help, I hope it did. If you have any doubts, drop in a comment and I will answer it.

This Chutney Powder Recipe is inspired by Edible Garden and goes along to Kerala Kitchen March cook out.


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