Falafel Sandwich

Falafel always reminds me of the super hit series FRIENDS… in my opinion its the greatest sitcom…ever…In season 10 Rachel’s(Jennifer Aniston) sister mistakes Ross(David Schwimmer) for the guy selling falafel on the street … hence I always look at falafels and think of FRIENDS. So, what is a falafel…it is a deep fried, yummy, crunchy ball of ground chickpeas, coriander and other seasonings. It kinda like the Indian masala vada … kinda not really …

Anyways……… during my weekly grocery shopping sessions I saw frozen falafels … I thought why not and took it, I was expecting visitors during the week. I figured I could fry these up when they come home. They came home, we had a great time, and I totally forgot about the falafels … typical Anisha huh ….

It continued living in my freezer until it was time for my trip to India. While I was clearing out my refrigerator I saw the falafels and I decided to do something with it. My first instinct was to fry it up, but Binish and I are not really the evening tea with some snacks kinda people. A little of blog jumping later I decided to make a falafel sandwich. To go with it I made a simple tzatziki and a tahini dip… simple but yumm. So here is how I made the falafel sandwich… the recipes for the tzatziki and tahini will come up soon. If you don’t get frozen falafels where you live, or prefer not to but frozen food you can make it at home. This page should help you.  So here we are falafel sandwich … enjoy



Pita Bread – 3

Falafels – 6 (I kept two falafels in 1 pita bread it was really filling)

Lettuce leaf – 3

Tomato – 1 (large) (sliced)

Onion-1 (sliced)

Tzatziki – as needed

Tahini Dip – as needed

Cut open the top of the pita bread to expose the pocket inside.

Layer the lettuce leaf, top with two tomato slices, then two onion slices, then a falafel on each onion – tomato slice, a tsp of tahini or tzatziki on top of each of the falafel and … eat it … how simple is simple.

For further explanation look at the picture.

Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

I really hope you guys make this super easy, super tasty sandwich.

Till we meet again ciao…


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