Gnocchi in mushroom sauce


Gnocchi – 200 grams

Olice oil – 1 tsp

Parmesan Cheese – As required

Pepper – As required

For the Mushroom Sauce

Olive oil + butter – 1+1 tsp

Garlic – 8-10 cloves (chopped)

Assorted Mushroom – 1 cup (sliced) ( You can use any mushroom you like; I used the following mushrooms)

Button Mushroom – 4-5

Eryngii mushroom – 1

Mushroom black fung or Cloud ear Fungus – 4-5

White wine – 1/2 cup (optional, but preferable. You can use water too, I have even used whiskey… it’s all good)

Fresh Cream – 1 cup (as per preference)

Salt  & Pepper –  to taste

image (9)


Heat a sauce pan, add the olive oil and butter, when hot add the garlic and before it browns add the mushrooms and saute it. A bit of salt and pepper.  When it looks limp, add the white wine and cook till the wine is almost absorbed. Add the fresh cream and give it a good stir until it is thick. Check seasoning and add more if required.

Heat a skillet, add olive oil, add the gnocchi and stir fry till its is brown and plump.


Add the sauce to the gnocchi and top with grated parmesan cheese.




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