Vazhachundum- payar thoran

Hi guys am back after a month long vacation in India, I had a fantastic time. I met my niece for the first time and fell utterly in love with her, she is just about the cutest baby on Earth, of that I am convinced. One month flew without me knowing it. While it is good to be home, back in Qatar, with my husband, I miss my niece, so much … Tessa this giant kiss goes out to you… I love you so very much.

Today’s recipe is a healthy and simple one. It is made from Banana flower or vazhachundu along with red gram. A lunch time favourite and a staple at my home. Vazhachundu is an amazingly healthy vegetable and you can read more about its health benefits here . Cleaning it is a bit of trouble , to learn how to do that read this post.


Now on to the recipe.

Vazhachundu – 1 (cleaned, chopped and soaked in watery buttermilk)

Red gram – 1 cup (soaked and pressure cooked)

Coconut – 1 cup

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Green chillies – 2 -3 (depending on your spice tolerance)

Garlic – 2 – 3 cloves

Curry leaves 2-3

Shallots – 4-5 (chopped)

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – 1 sprig

Coconut oil – 2 tsp

Salt – to taste



Coarsely grind the coconut with cumin seeds, green chillies, garlic cloves and curry leaves.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, Shallots, curry leaves and sauté well. Add the ground coconut and  sauté for a bit. Add the chundu, red gram, salt to the coconut , mix well and cover and cook till done (4-5 minutes).

Serve with rice.


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