Chicken Stroganoff

I am not sure when I first ate stroganoff , when ever it was; it was a long time ago. The first time I ate it I fell in love with it, the smooth sauce, the succulent pieces of chicken, the mushrooms, so underspiced unlike our Indian curries. Stroganoff, is a Russian dish with sauteed mushrooms and peices of meat. Traditionally made with beef, I made it with chicken for convenience. The recipe I used is a Jamie Oliver recipe and I must tell you it was a big hit at home. Quick to make, good to eat….that is the motto I live by. Here it is my first Russian dish ever… Chicken Stroganoff.


Chicken Breast – 3 (sliced thinly and marinated with salt and pepper )

Olive oil – 2 tsp

Butter – 1 tsp

Shallots – 4-5  (sliced)

Mushroom – 5-6 (quartered)

Chicken Stock –  200 ml

Sour Cream – 100 ml (in a pinch you can also use hung curd)

White wine – 100 ml (purely optional)

Salt and pepper – to taste



Heat oil and butter in a sauce pan, add the chicken and fry till it is cooked and golden brown. Keep aside. In the same pan add the shallots, sauté well. when translucent add the mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the stock, the white wine and cook till the amount of liquid has reduced by half. Add the chicken and gice it a good mix. Add the sour cream and cook on low heat till it thickens.

P.S. If it doesn’t thicken a tsp of APF (maida) goes a long way to thicken this up….

It is recommended that you add a pinch of paprika on top, just for some colour.


You can have this rice, noodles or even chapathi.


Till we meet again …


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