Rose milk soda

Namak shamak namak shamak daal deta hai …

Who sings this song, no one else but the one and only fantastic Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi. The star of the Food Food show Turban Tadka he sings his way around, charming all of us. He is considered as Energy Chef Of India.

I am a huge fan of Food Food and Chef Sokhi is a particular favourite. I have tried many of his recipes with great success, this rose milk soda is no different.

The interesting thing here is that I detest milk, but it convinced even me to give it a shot. So if I tried it so should you.



Cold Milk –  2 cups

Rose Syrup – 2 tblsp (use more or less depending on your taste)

Honey – 1 tblsp (to taste)

Cold Club Soda – 1 can

To Garnish


Pistachio & Almonds – coarsley crushed


In a blender blend together the cold milk, rose syrup and honey.

Take a serving glass and pour half full. Slowly top with club soda.


Garnish with crushed nuts and cherry.




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