My name is Anisha. My passions in life are cooking, music, writing, meeting people, it is a wonder I have not yet started food blogging as it combines my two passions cooking and writing. Being a newbie home-maker i have turned to blog hopping like mad looking for new things to make and this is where my journey has led me to anishathefoodie.wordpress.com. My culinary journey that started 13 years ago (as a child of 13) has left me with if not an impressive collection a reasonable collection of recipes and I cant wait to share it with you’ll out there. Learn something new teach something I know share and share alike I hope this will be a long journey :-).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. first time in your blog…….thnx 4 visiting my blog nd your honest comments……….not the usual yummy ,delicious,blah,blah……………..im in umm ghuwalina…………..nd u????????

  2. Hello,
    Chechi I am just going crazy looking at the recipes… Definitely will try everything posted till date one by one. Will let you know how it worked as well. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mouth watering recipes. Missing your food so much:) :p Love ya!!

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